Basic Compliance Policy

Basic Compliance Policy

The Nagase Group is a member of society and, as such, it is our duty to behave in a manner in keeping with this role by maintaining good and fair business practices and providing society with the goods and services it needs. Through continued growth and development, Nagase can improve the welfare of its employees, while making a contribution to society. Based on this corporate philosophy, Nagase has adopted and will implement the following Basic Compliance Policy.

This policy defines the behavior standards that Nagase and its officers and employees will observe as it carries out its various business activities.

Officers and employees of Nagase must behave in accordance with these behavior standards and endeavor to disseminate them to those within the corporate organization, especially those with whom they work. If circumstances arise in which there is a risk that these behavior standards may be compromised, officers and employees must work to resolve problems without delay, and to improve operations by identifying the causes of problems and taking steps to prevent recurrences.

1. Compliance with laws, regulations and internal rules and regulations
Corporate activities will be conducted fairly and in good faith, in accordance with laws and rules, and without any deviation from social standards. Business activities will be conducted in accordance with the rules of the international community to ensure the continuing growth and development of Nagase as a global enterprise.

2. Elimination of anti-social elements
Anti-social elements that threaten public order and safety will be met with firmness and resolutely eliminated.

3. Provision of goods and services that are useful to society
Nagase will contribute to society by supplying goods and services that are useful to society.

4. Respect for qualities and individuality of employees
Nagase will respect the autonomy and creativity of every employee and foster a corporate culture in which those qualities can be applied to corporate activities. Nagase will protect its employees' health, respect their human rights, treat them fairly and without discrimination, and secure and provide safe and enriching work environments.

5. Disclosure of information to stakeholders
Nagase will strive to ensure transparency by fairly and actively disclosing corporate information to stakeholders, including customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders.

6. Preserving the global environment
Nagase recognizes its responsibility to maintain the global environment in a better condition and will act in accordance with that responsibility.

7. For inquiries about our Compliance
For inquiries about our Compliance please click this.
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