Nagase Group Product Safety Principles

Nagase Group Products Safety Principles

October 30, 2008
Nagase & Co., Ltd. and its group companies (the "Nagase Group" or "Group") have positioned product safety as a primary social responsibility in order to supply safe products to customers and contribute to a safe and secure society in accordance with the Nagase Group Code of Conduct established in 2003. As a manufacturer, the Nagase Group works to ensure the safety of the products it manufactures, imports and sells.

1. Compliance with Laws, Regulations and Internal Rules and Regulations
In addition to complying with the Consumer Product Safety Law* and other product safety-related laws, the Nagase Group works conscientiously to ensure product safety by practicing strict management in accordance with these principles.

2. Formulation and Implementation of Internal Rules
The Nagase Group formulates and enacts internal rules concerning product safety, and proactively works to ensure the safety of products by making continuous improvements.

3. Creation of a Product Safety Promotion System
The Nagase Group has built the necessary systems for thorough compliance with product safety laws as well as internal rules, and endeavors to consider safety at every stage of its business activities, including research, development, planning, design, production, import, sales and after-sales service. The Nagase Group also conducts regular internal audits, and improves education and training and internal rules and systems as needed.

4. Prevention of Accidents due to Misuse or Negligence
To ensure that its products are used safely, the Nagase Group conveys appropriate product safety information and handling instructions to help prevent accidents due to misuse or negligence.

5. Response to Product Accidents
If a product accident occurs involving a Nagase Group product, the Group implements product recalls and takes other necessary measures to prevent the damage from spreading, and proactively gathers information on the accident and promptly conveys it to product users and other concerned parties. In addition, the Group promptly reports the incident to the jurisdictional authorities in accordance with law.

6. Prevention of Recurrence of Product Accidents
If a product accident occurs, the Nagase Group investigates the cause and compiles an appropriate record of the accident, which it uses to prevent a recurrence.

The Consumer Product Safety Law is one of the Japanese Laws so the Nagase Group complies with all applicable laws and regulations of the countries and regions in which it operates.

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