Functional Material
Performance Chemicals (PU & Coating) / Specialty Chemicals / Colors and imaging

  • Main Products and Services
Handling Polyurethane and PU related, Insulation Panel, Plastic additives, Pigments, Master Batch, Dyestuffs, Silicone, Epoxy. Raw material for Paint & ink. Solvent, Additive, Spedalty Monomer, Chemical for Paper, Polymer, Adhesive, Polymer filter, Chemical for Metal Working & Plating Detergent, Surfactant, Grinding preparations. Chemical for Cutting fluids, Potting agent Chemical for Hair color, Chemical for waver treatment, Wrier Drawing agent, Medical devise. Etc.

  • Customer Industries
Paint and inks, Urethane, Petrochemicals, Plastics, Electronic Materials, Semiconductors, Industrial oil, Surfactants Organic synthetic, Etc.

Advanced Material

  • Main Products and Services
Functional resins, general-purpose resins, auxiliaries, Plastic products, plastic-related equipment, devices And molding.

  • Customer Industries
Office automation electronics and consumer electrics, home application, housing and construction materials , packaging materials.

Electronic Chemicals

  • Main Products and Services
Formulated epoxy related products, photolithography materials for the production for semiconductors and liquid crystal displays, Chemical management equipment for liquid crystal display production processes, semiconductor equipment and bumping services.

  • Customer Industries
Electronic components displays, heavy electric machinery, semiconductors, automotive, environment and energy.


  • Main Products and Services
Commodity plastic and engineering plastic for automotive interior/exterior components, automotive interior / exterior and functional components, auxiliaries. Plastic-related equipment, Devices and tools.

  • Customer Industries

Automotive and Automotive parts industries.

Packaging Products

  • Main Products and Services
Functional sheets and films, Plastic resin for packaging, Sernithed product for packaging, Functional master hatch.

  • Customer Industries
Food Industry , Food Packaging Industry, Electronic packaging industry, Film and sheet industry.

Life & Healthcare Products

Food ingredients (Link : )

Personal care ingredients (Link :

Pharmaceutical APIs (Link :

Radiation service (Link :

Lab-chemicals (Link :  )

Biotech-development  (Link : )

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